Monday, September 24, 2012

colorful emmy dresses

I loved all the gorgeous dresses at last night's Emmy Awards! It was amazing to see all the beautiful colors. There was such an array of yellows, pastel blue and greens, burgundies and metallics. The only thing I was missing was some fun pinks! What was your favorite dress of the night!?

Monday, September 17, 2012

turquoise painted furniture

I went to the Melrose Trading Post for the first time this weekend and I was not disappointed. There was amazing, cheap art like vintage postcards. I picked up some old greeting cards from D.C. that I'm going to frame as an ode to my hometown! One thing that I noticed, though, is that a bunch of the stands had painted furniture in the same shade of turquoise. Don't get me wrong, it looked awesome. I love the look of old, classically-shaped furniture in unexpected colors. Just last week I spray painted a coffee table a bright seafoam. However, the fact that I was seeing this at so many of the different shops gave me a weird vibe. Is this way too trendy? To me, flea market finds are supposed to be a way to get unique, different pieces for a home, and I wouldn't want to get anything that defeated that purpose. I picked up a few frames, but avoided the tables, chairs and mirrors for now.

Images via Pinterest