Thursday, January 23, 2014

be my valentino

Valentino Couture 2014 is all about the vintage lady we should all strive to be more like. That 1930's lady who went to the opera in Paris and then safari'd in Africa with perfectly coiffed hair. The sheer silk and embroidery are more suitable for a time when luxury was savored and appreciated. The pieces, like all couture, are works of art. But these are literally beautiful enough to be framed. It's collections like this that remind that fashion isn't just about dressing the women of today, but is also meant to showcase beauty in a unique sense.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a winning combination

There's something about mixing textures that just screams "Fall," and there is no better combination than tweed and leather. A classic tweed jacket worn with a tweed jacket is the perfect outfit for Autumn. The ladylike blazer is juxtaposed by the edginess of the pants. The look can be worn with a basic top, to let the pieces speak for themselves. However, throwing in an extra element, like a chambray, or a neon, makes the whole outfit even more luxe. Pointed shoes elongate the leg, and oversized jewelry plays off of the "lady who brunches, not lunches" vibe.
Images via Pinterest

Monday, October 21, 2013

mad for loving plaid?

I don't know what's gotten into me recently, but I can't get over the idea of a plaid midi skirt with a crop top. Plaid skirts in any form have completely captivated me. Now, I had to wear a plaid skirt as a uniform for 12 years of my life. So you can be sure that the mystique of the plaid skirt was lost on me. I didn't get the sexy school girl thing, or the proper British look. To me, my black watch plaid kilt went had-in-hand with going to school every day. That's not to say I hated it. I was actually a fan of having a uniform and loved the basic piece that we had to wear with polo shirts. I just was not going to entertain the idea of plaid skirts outside of the classroom.

So I guess now I'm just far enough removed from school to appreciate this wardrobe classic. The plaid skirt looks best when it's taken up a notch. It can be sexed up with stilettos and jewels, or juxtaposed with a sweatshirt. The key is to take this look in the opposite direction of knee high socks and loafers.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

darling denim dresses




Me in 1998 would have been all over this post, while me in 2002 would have been like "wait, what?!" Denim dresses had a very specific, and large, hold on my style for a very short period of time in the late nineties. My fashion sense was already leaning towards feminine aesthetics, but I wasn't immune to the active, punky-pipsqueak styles of the Clarissa Darlings and Mary-Kate Olsens (she was the tomboyish one back then). I loved a good, clean denim dress. Maybe mixed with some beachy floral print flip flops, and some butterfly clips in my hair! However, that phase passed, and I pretty immediately felt long-lasting shame about my denim dress days.

So here I am, scratching my head, wondering how hard the 90s revival will hit us. Will I soon be wearing cargo pants and spaghetti straps?

But I digress... The denim dress is amazing, and I never should have doubted by 10-year-old fashion sense. Currently, I'm looking for a mod-silhouette in a medium wash, like Blair's and Julianne's from Topshop. And how amaaaaazing is Diane Kruger's American-in-Paris-themed denim cocktail dress?

Monday, July 8, 2013

hair envy: lauren parsekian

Like Kate Middleton, Lauren Parsekian (well, Paul now) is a famous wife whose hair could be famous on its own. Lauren is married to Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, and she's got the most gorgeous locks on the planet! I don't even watch that show, which makes my obsession with her mane that much weirder and more random. However, her insanely long, perfectly layered, shiny hair is just too much for me to handle! Whether parted down the middle, or with a deep side part, worn sleek and straight, or with boho waves, Lauren's hair always looks just perfect. I must know her secrets. Is it an amazing conditioner? Does she get keratin treatments? And why isn't this a bigger deal?! I mean... I'm pretty sure Lauren Paul has been blessed by the Hair Gods!

Images via Pinterest and Instagram

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

high bun art

When I saw these pieces of art by Elizabeth Mayville, I loved them immediately. The high bun is a recurring theme in my style. While I love the easy look, my boyfriend and mom hate it, and that makes these paintings even more perfect. They are such cute, charming, and silly pieces of art. The redhaired one speaks to me because -- duh -- I'm a redhead! I love the Breton stripe shirt, as well. This would look amazing by a vanity, coupled with my White Girl Problems print.

Images via Elizabeth Mayville on Pinterest