Monday, October 31, 2011

paper faces on parade

So I seem to be doing a lot of backpedaling recently, but I'm going to make an amendment to my "no costume" comment. I wish I had another Halloween party to go to, because I would love to don one of these Venetian masks.

The masquerade vibe is so sexy and you don't have to wear any silly costume, but also don't have to answer anyone's questions when they ask why you're not dressed up.

I love, love, love the simple lace tied around the eyes.

happy haunting

So I've already told you how Halloween isn't really my jam. I'm not into spooky, I'm not into kitsch, but I don't want to come across as a cynic! I definitely appreciate getting into the spirit of things.

West Elm always has chic, fun home accents. These decorations would be a tasteful and beautiful way to get into the Halloween spirit. My favorite is the glitter skull.

Friday, October 28, 2011

girl crush: erika bearman

Erika Bearman, aka @OscarPRGirl, lives my dream life. I have less of a girl crush than I have girl envy.

She's the Director of Communications for Oscar de la Renta. She's fully embraced multimedia and spreads the OdlR gospel through her Twitter and Tumblr.

She posts (gorgeous) pictures of herself in the brand's clothes, snapshots of her work day (not exactly 9-5 in a cubicle), insider fashion information and delightful quotes from Mr. de la Renta. The peeks she gives make her life seem life like the epitome of timelessness and elegance. It's genius for marketing the designer's clothes. Especially since Erika has said that she wears Oscar every day (Can. You. Imagine?)

To top it off she lives in a fabulous apartment in Manhattan (you can often see her minimalistic bedroom in her signature mirror TwitPics) with her handsome banker husband. Swoon.

spoke too soon

Just as I had convinced myself to forgo a traditional bag for this season and change it up with a leopard clutch, I stumbled upon the positively precious Kate Spade Bow Bridge Little Kennedy bag.

It has the ideal dimensions which is so hard to find. I tend to think most bags these days are oversized, unless they are mini or clutches.

This bag has the winning combination of charm and restraint. I'm head over heels for the brown version with the black bow. On the other hand... the black bag with the patent bow would look so sharp.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

filthy paws

I'm in dire need of a basic bag for the Fall/Winter and I should probably get a neutral leather or croc satchel that I can fit things in and wear with everything, but I'm itching to make my staple bag a leopard print clutch.

Mixing prints is totally accepted these days, so I feel like an animal print bag doesn't have to be reserved for plain outfits anymore. If it is worn with plainer shades and prints, it acts as an amazing statement piece.

I definitely want a larger one, so I don't feel too bad about throwing practicality to the wind, so although this House of Harlow 1960 clutch is to die for, and is made of calf hair leather, which I also want, it's just too small. The ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch is the perfect shape and size, but the shiny, plastic, polyurethane texture is not what I'm looking for.

So, just like Goldilocks, I've narrowed it down and found one that's just right. Steve Madden's Bleopard has the printed calf hair that I'm looking for and has a little more width and depth to hold my daily necessities.

spirit fingers

Anytime a trend can be explained as "like the girls on Pretty Little Liars and Vanessa Hudgens," as a 23-year-old, I tend to rethink it. I just can't shake the one off-color (or accent, ring finger, two-tone, whatever you want to call it) manicure, though.

I've experimented with different types to find one that's still fun but not tweeny. On my first attempt I used muted blue for most of the nails and metallic green as an accent. My second go-round I used matte nude polish with a splash of neon pink on two fingers. I was partial to this color scheme. However, 1) I got in a car accident on the way home from the manicure, so now I think it's bad luck and 2) Everyone at work was asking why I only painted one nail on each hand, since the nude blended in with my fingers so well. The most recent time I tried, I was going for subtlety but definitely took it too far. The murky blue "off" color matched so well with the greenish-gray of the other nails that most people didn't notice I was rocking two tones.

Next time, I'll take a note from some of the ladies above and mix a metallic shade with another, more opaque shade on the opposite side of the color spectrum

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

get to the point

As someone on the short side, I can use all the height I can get. So when I started seeing pumps with shoebox platforms on every single red carpet, I ran out and got myself a pair. They give me those much needed extra inches, and they're certainly sexy, but I think I'm on my way to being over the Kim-Kardashian-shoe look.

My most significant issue with this popular trend is that it's simply over saturated. I mean, it's everywhere. I love me some Kathie Lee Gifford, but once my favorite boozed-up morning broadcaster starts wearing a once-trendy look, I start to question it.

Another problem is that you can't wear them with long pants without seeing the platform. I'm all about this bell bottom revival, and I need my hems to skim the floor to give me the illusion of long legs.

I have big plans to replace my clunky platform heels with pointy toe pumps. I just think the elongated sole and flat shoebox is so much more elegant and classic.

In addition to being vertically challenged, I've also been cursed with tiny feet. I know many girls like the look of dainty feet and loathe their sailboat shoes, but mine are a little ridiculous. My friend Claire once dubbed me "Baby Shoes." My boyfriend says I have hooves. I wear a 5.5. Basically, the smallest adult size.

I've convinced myself that my small feet make my legs look stubbier. One of the best parts about these pointy toe shoes is that they make your feet look a little bigger and streamline your leg. When I'm wearing my beloved bell bottoms they poke out just a hint to ensure I actually have feet and not tiny deer-like stubs.

wish list: asos

Browsing ASOS is a dangerous pastime. I don't really need any of these items, but I was searching for cute finds on their website for less than $100 and now these pieces seem essential to my wardrobe.

I make it a rule for myself to not even set my eye on things that aren't available in my size or a flattering color. So that narrowed down my options. Also, when I order online from anywhere, I aim to purchase things that are petite or can easily be shortened, taken in, etc. since I can't try anything on, and I have a weird aversion to returning (so much effort).

Reviewing what I picked now, it seems like I was looking for cold-weather clothing that can work as a base for layers and can be worn to work.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

come on get happy


When I was getting ready to move into my new apartment, I spent hours online, especially on Tumblr, trying to find the perfect inspirational images. I wanted something fun and young, but still chic and put-together and manageable on a very (very, very) small budget.

A ton of the images that I came across happened to come from Jonathan Adler. I quickly couldn't get enough of his colorful, pop aesthetic and ran out to buy two of his books: Happy Chic Colors and Happy Chic Accessorizing.

I've totally adopted Adler's message. His focus is on fun, aesthetically pleasing items that reflect the person living in the home. The best part about his look is that anyone can emulate it, with or without his actual products. Despite my devotion to the decor guru, I'm one of those people who tries to achieve his style without having bought anything from his line.

Imagine my glee when I was walking down Fillmore St. in San Francisco on short vacation last weekend and ended up in the Jonathan Adler store!

It was even more inspiring to see his funky vignettes and designs in person than it was online. I didn't feel like shipping items across the country, so I didn't pick anything up, but I'm plotting my online order now.

I love the lucite monogrammed trays and funky coasters. The moroccan poufs would be perfect in my living room. The first thing on my list, however, is a pink letter pillow.