Monday, February 27, 2012

who's that girl?

She was one of my best dressed of the night last night but I have no idea who Louise Roe is! Her light pink, structured Black Halo dress reminded me of the gorgeous Dior Charlize Theron wore last year, but with a masculine twist. I loved the color and the weight of the dress. I also loved the plunging neckline obscured with the sheer fabric.

Too bad I have no idea who the girl wearing this masterpiece is! Do you guys have any idea? In one picture she had an earpiece in, so I'm guessing she was a host or television personality. A Google search says she's a British host, so she had to be covering the red carpet for some television program. With a dress this lovely, it's no wonder she made it into a few red carpet photo opps.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the simple life

For some reason I'm obsessed with this editorial of Nicole Richie for Ocean Drive magazine. It's simple, beautiful and clean, but somehow remains true to her boho style. I love everything from her hair to her crazy shoes. I've become such a fan of Nicole's look. She mixes bohemian, edgy and girly so perfectly without ever looking like she's trying.

This look seems more classic than I'd expect from Nicole. The polished blonde bun reminds of of Blair Eadie. The black corset with the lace cardigan is very Miami, appropriate for Ocean Drive, but also seems sort of fifties, or early sixties. Then, she takes Lady Gaga's and Victoria Beckham's signature heelless platforms and manages to make even them seem less avant-garde and more low-key and mod. The minimalist styling, decor and color scheme make the cover that much more aesthetically pleasing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

winter white

Emma Stone looks so lovely in this Elie Saab Spring 2012 Couture dress. Leave it to her, one of my favorites, to wear the ethereal, girly dress so perfectly. I've been waiting to see a piece from one of my favorite Couture Week collections make an appearance on the red carpet. Katy Perry rocked a blue, bateau neck gown from the collection at the Grammys but Emma just pulls it off so much more gracefully and beautifully. I love the details, the sleeves and that back! The dress really looks like a piece of art.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tickled pink

My apologies for the quality of that first picture, but I just had to document this love at first sight moment. It was an unassuming Saturday morning when I first spotted my handbag soul mate. The perfect, large, neon pink Céline luggage tote was hanging off the arm of a petite woman, who was rocking it in such a funny, but undeniable, suburban chic way, with Lululemon workout gear and full hair and makeup.

After I creepily asked the woman if I could take a picture of her purse (I feel kind of bad, she totally posed, but I was only interested in Céline) she told me the bag was just released and she had recently gotten it. However, after scouring stores and the Internet, I'm wondering what she knew that I don't. Either way, this may be the most heartache I've ever felt for a bag crush. Why, oh why, must it cost more than twice my rent!?

Images via Caitlin O'Brien and Fashion Bomb Daily

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

happy birthday, marie!

Happy birthday to one of my very best friends, roommate and redheaded counterpart. Miss Marie is 24 today, and like most twenty-somethings, is working on a budget. Therefore, I thought that I could, again, find 24 gifts for Marie under $24.

Check them out below, and click on the picture to purchase some of the delightful treats for your birthday friends!

Friday, February 17, 2012

to see her is to take a sudden chill

Let me start by saying, I loved Ralph Lauren's Fall 2012 collection. It was majorly androgynous and had a great 1920s vibe, combining the English look of the Downton Abbey era with F. Scott Fitzgerald's roaring twenties style. It was full of rich fabrics, sophisticated ways of mixing prints (OBSESSED with the leopard with old school plaids) and classic, dark earthy tones, punctuated with reds and fuchsia.

Now, I feel weird about saying this, but when I was looking at the gorgeous pictures, my first thought was that it seemed like a high fashion, real-life version of 101 Dalmatians! It's well established that Cruella de Vil is a major style icon, but I never realized how sharp Anita dressed, too! She was killing it with the tweed, those gorgeous hats and check out her hipster glasses and those booties! Roger wasn't too shabby either. He was the epitome of manly sophistication with his man scarf, vests and pipes, and his collection of hats rivals his wife's. Obviously, Cruella was the scene stealer. Her figure flattering black gown is right off of Ralph Lauren's runway, and the fur hat and purse are to die for. Not to mention, those red leather gloves were all the rage at J. Crew's show.

What do you think? Is 101 Dalmatians the trendiest movie of 2012 or what? Was Mr. Lauren inspired by the classic British look with both feminine and masculine details of Roger and Anita and the luxurious, fur-and-leather-loving Cruella?  Even the dogs are style icons! Animal prints are hot everywhere, not just Ralph Lauren. Though spots weren't featured on this particular runway, the dog-inspired print has been a must-have item for a while now.

Ralph Lauren images via

Thursday, February 16, 2012

jenna's j. crew

How great is it that J. Crew has become a staple of Fashion Week? Very cool to see the development of a brand. Not to mention, the chain store's styling is some of the best in the game! It doesn't hurt that the look seems to be emulating Jenna Lyons a little more each season.

J. Crew's newest collection showcased major mixing and matching: tweed on stripes on chambray on jacquard, fair isle on satin and python, chevron on animal print, tweed on polka dots on plaid, bright pink with tomato red, tonal pinks and greens. The rest of the styling is also spot on, from the gloves and clutches, to the layering of jackets and blouses. The shoes are in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik and are absolute perfection. They continued the textural richness with tweeds, sequins, suedes and metallics and all perfectly contrasted with their corresponding outfits.

I basically want the entire collection, but I do have some favorites. The pink, sequin a-line skirt needs to be in my closet now. Same with the fitted fur jacket and the cropped pants and chevron top that it was paired with. I'm dying for the teal, animal print jacquard pants and the hairy, striped skirt worn with the top with the thinner stripes. I love all the accessories, especially the python cross body bag but I'm absolutely dying for the animal print one worn with the tan toggle coat. I can't pick my favorite pair of shoes, so don't even ask!

Images via

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

be mine

Happy birthday my sweet Valentines! I hope you have a love-filled day with your significant other, friends and family. I'm on a major sugar high already and it's not even noon! Not to mention I'm about to down a cherry Fun Dip from my lovely coworker, Katie! I know there are lots of Valentine's Day haters out there but you cannot argue with the obscene amount of baked goods and treats! (Although maybe if they weren't all red and pink my mouth wouldn't look so ridiculous)