Friday, December 30, 2011

see you next year!

Every year people to try to predict what trends we'll be seeing in the next 12 months. I thought, instead, we could pay homage to some of the trends that were prevalent in good ol' 2011. Some of these trends I loved, some not so much. Some I tried, some I steered away from (dip-dyed, red hair, no thank you!). I'm sure this is not the last we'll see of these looks, but I can't wait to see how they'll be reinterpreted and changed next year.

What did you think about: menswear-inspired, mixing prints, color block, colored denim, dip-dye hair, neon, polka dots?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what the heck to do with the neck?

I'm thinking about wearing a strapless look on New Year's Eve and, while that may seem like a simple decision, I'm now faced with an age-old question related to the open-neck look: necklace or no necklace?

I love jewelry, particularly cool necklaces. What better way to showcase some pretty neckware than over bare skin, right? But isn't the whole point of going strapless to show off the clavicle, neck and chest? The whole appeal of the look is that it looks sexy in an unexpected, kind of non-sexual way. Especially for flat-chested girls like me.

There are tons of examples on the different variations of the necklace-strapless relationship. I'm being drawn to the bare look, despite my fondness for necklaces. Could throwing on a simple chain and pendant like Vanessa Hudgens be a compromise? What about delicate, showy piece, like Kate Middleton or Bar Refaeli? Or is it better to go with the tried and true statement necklace? Nina Dobrev's choker looks kind of amazing and modern.

All these questions, and this isn't even the end of it! Once the necklace dilemma is solved, then I'll have to find the right earrings, and decide if the hair should be up or down. So many choices! What's a girl to do?

sparkly skirts

New Year's Eve is the night when all the glitz, sparkle and glitter come out from hiding. To make my look a little unique this year, I'm eschewing the standard LSD (not that... the Little Sparkly Dress) for a shiny skirt. It's a little bit of a challenge to dress-up a skirt to the level of all the cocktail dresses that will be up there, but that just makes it more fun.

Fancy-it-up with rich textures like lace, feathers and fur. Add jewelry that is glamorous, but not overly trendy and add wear it with quality accessories, like a structured clutch, patent heels and a fur coat.

Free People Glitzy Sparkle Skirt
J. Crew Naomi Feather and Sequin-Embellished Silk Skirt
Max Azria Stud-Embellished Silk-Chiffon Mini Skirt
Haute Hippie Sequined Wrap Miniskirt
White House Black Market Stripe Layered Skirt
ASOS Pencil Skirt in Sequins
Topshop Premium Metallic Pleat Skirt
Trina Turk Umar Lurex Tweed Pencil Skirt
Diane von Furstenberg Jayde Metallic Mosaic Skirt

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

days of our lives

Something about a new year makes me want to reorganize, prioritize and make new strategies for success and happiness. There's no better literal representation of that than throwing away an old calendar and picking a new one that will set the tone for the next 365 days.

In that spirit, I'm going to feature a few calendars that I hope will inspire in the days leading up to 2012. This is one of my favorites by Inslee.

I first discovered Inslee's  delightful designs when I stumbled across some illustrations she made of some of my favorite bloggers. It would be a treat to see her inspirational, fashionable images every day.

the best or worst thing ever

This picture was labeled "Champagne Jello Shots" but upon further inspection, it's actually jello shots with creme soda, vanilla vodka and butterscotch schnapps. That sounds insanely delicious, but in honor of New Year's Eve, I decided to pursue the initial recipe.

I'm not sure if this is the best, worst, funniest or weirdest thing I've ever seen. I mean, does champagne really need to be improved upon? I know grain alcohol does, which is why jello shots were prevalent in college, but champagne? It's pretty scrumptious already. Plus, jello shots tend to lead to consuming mass quantities of whatever alcohol is used, and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to chug champagne (pretty sure). Not to mention, champagne already results in a massive hangover. Mixing it with powdered sugar and sprinkles is certainly not going to make that problem any better.

But hey, throw caution to the wind! It's New Year's Eve! You can be over-the-top corny and festive.These are adorable and I'm sure you already planned to be too drunk and too hungover anyways. 

Champagne Jello Shots 

1 package grape jello
1 cup boiling water
1 cup chilled Champagne

(You know how to make jello, but here you go...)
 Add the jello and boiling water and stir until powder is dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature. Slowly add the champagne and stir in. Pour into an ice cube tray and refrigerate until set. To serve, dip trays in hot water for 5 seconds then run a knife around the outside of the shot. Dip in crystal sugar for garnish.

Monday, December 26, 2011

merry and bright

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! I spent the day with my family and my boyfriend's family eating (and eating, and eating), exchanging gifts and drafting teams for our Fantasy Basketball league that our families are doing together. Since I. Do. Not. Care. I drafted Lamar Odom first, then Kris Humphries and threw Tony Parker in there somewhere. It's the Varsity Reality TV Squad. Kind of regretting my horrible picks now, because I'm going to lose every week by insane amounts, but whatever.

I am happy to say that I made out pretty well this Christmas! Not surprising since people find me difficult to shop for, so I end up giving them a list of things to choose from. Oh, and there's also this thing I do, where I post styles I'm into and things that I like on the internet and include a link to where to buy them...

While most of you are recuperating from the weekend and enjoying the day off (maybe even settling into a little extended vacation!), I've been at work since 4 a.m., like always. The news doesn't care if it's Christmas (it's so inconsiderate). So enjoy and don't take it for granted! Have some hot cider and slip in some tequila, for me.