Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the half tuck

You've got to love a trend that anyone can pull off. The "half tuck" is just that. While other looks and styles that take over runways, blogs, editorials and street style may be intimidating for some (mixing prints, piles of jewelry, unconventional layering, etc.), the half tuck is a way to up your style cred without taking much of a risk. The look is literally, half casual and half formal. I love it because it utilizes the cinched waist that a tucked-in shirt gives, but avoids looking stuffy. It gives an outfit a very "styled" look, without making the wearer appear like they're trying too hard. My personal favorite way to rock this look is colorblocked Even better is a chambray/denim colorblock ensemble. The half tuck keeps you from looking like a cowboy, but stops short of looking too hipster.

Images via Pinterest


  1. I love shirts like that! xo, Alma

  2. The half tuck is awesome! It really does something different and awesome to your overall look.

  3. Such wonderful choices and fab inso. Amazing job love.
    It would mean the world to me, if you could give me your thoughts on my latest post.

  4. LOVE the half tuck! Great blog! Would you want to follow each other on bloglovin!?


  5. How did I never even notice this? I think I just thought all models wanted to look lazy.. ha! You are teaching me things, girl!