Monday, July 8, 2013

hair envy: lauren parsekian

Like Kate Middleton, Lauren Parsekian (well, Paul now) is a famous wife whose hair could be famous on its own. Lauren is married to Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, and she's got the most gorgeous locks on the planet! I don't even watch that show, which makes my obsession with her mane that much weirder and more random. However, her insanely long, perfectly layered, shiny hair is just too much for me to handle! Whether parted down the middle, or with a deep side part, worn sleek and straight, or with boho waves, Lauren's hair always looks just perfect. I must know her secrets. Is it an amazing conditioner? Does she get keratin treatments? And why isn't this a bigger deal?! I mean... I'm pretty sure Lauren Paul has been blessed by the Hair Gods!

Images via Pinterest and Instagram

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