Tuesday, July 9, 2013

darling denim dresses




Me in 1998 would have been all over this post, while me in 2002 would have been like "wait, what?!" Denim dresses had a very specific, and large, hold on my style for a very short period of time in the late nineties. My fashion sense was already leaning towards feminine aesthetics, but I wasn't immune to the active, punky-pipsqueak styles of the Clarissa Darlings and Mary-Kate Olsens (she was the tomboyish one back then). I loved a good, clean denim dress. Maybe mixed with some beachy floral print flip flops, and some butterfly clips in my hair! However, that phase passed, and I pretty immediately felt long-lasting shame about my denim dress days.

So here I am, scratching my head, wondering how hard the 90s revival will hit us. Will I soon be wearing cargo pants and spaghetti straps?

But I digress... The denim dress is amazing, and I never should have doubted by 10-year-old fashion sense. Currently, I'm looking for a mod-silhouette in a medium wash, like Blair's and Julianne's from Topshop. And how amaaaaazing is Diane Kruger's American-in-Paris-themed denim cocktail dress?

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