Friday, April 6, 2012

are you ready to go back to titanic?

Umm... yes! What twenty-something girl is not thrilled that Titanic is coming back? I've already watched it on T.V. (and even got my boyfriend to watch!) and am totally planning on seeing it in 3D. The movie was a girl's fantasy when it first came out. The gorgeous cinemetography, award-winning score, beautiful costumes, epic love story and some actor named Leonardo Dicaprio.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Kate Winslet appears the first time. She's so aloof with her gorgeous luggage and perfect posture. She steps out into the street filled with steam from the cars and boats and the epic music kicks in and it's like Ahh!! TITANIC!!

Rose's wardrobe was so major, filled with gowns, corsets and intricate detailing, but her look in the first scene is one of my favorites. She's wearing a purple pinstripe skirt suit complete with a fabulous hat, umbrella and a sharp tie! I thought it would be fun to try to emulate her classic, elegant look with modern pieces. Rose looks so effortless and sophisticated but I think tailored cream trousers, a striped blazer and silk scarf work better for a current take on the look.

Smythe Piped One Button Blazer // Reiss Suzie Wide Leg Trousers // Forever 21 Wool Floppy Hat // Emilio Pucci Floral Silk Blue Scarf // Aspinal of London Ladies Umbrella

Images via Pinterest, Yahoo! Movies, IMDB


  1. What a smart idea - I love what you have chosen - its beautiful - classic but modern.


  2. classic with a modern twist - totally me! great idea!!

    kisses, have a nice weekend and a sweet Easter

  3. LOVE this post! And yes I am more than ready to return to Titanic the BF and I are looking forward to seeing it in Imax 3D :)


  4. Oh I love your collage! Yes this 20 something girl is extremely pleased that it's back in 3D, although my boyfriend wasn't a fan so probably won't be coming with me! xx

  5. This post is awesome! The hat is so so perfect!
    Lovely blog

  6. Wow! I never even thought about watching it for the clothes. Good idea (Y).