Monday, April 30, 2012

nerd prom best dressed

Seeing as this is a D.C.-based style blog, it's only fitting to discuss this weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner. While I was unimpressed by Hollywood's hottest starlets, like Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, I was nicely surprised by some of the high profile attendees. The celebrity guests love to play the role of "D.C. insider" at this event, and they certainly dress the part. There was an onslaught of neutral colors, with a dash of sparkle for interest. The silhouettes were modest and accessories, hair and makeup were minimal. Reese Witherspoon looked adorable with her little baby bump and gorgeous earrings. I also really loved Rachel Zoe's fairy-like prairie dress.

I love that Washington takes center stage for this event and celebrities direct the style spotlight to the District. However, Hollywood kind of steals the show, and I'd love to see some broadcasters step it up next year, considering the night is actually all about them. I think Mika Brzezinski, some of the CNBC women and Lisa Ling (my idol!) could really hold their own and experiment with some glamorous styles.

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