Friday, April 13, 2012

editorial love part deux

Something must be in the water in Germany. Just as I was getting over the chicness of this Vogue Germany spread, I fell in love with this editorial of Yana Sotnikova for Grazia Germany. While the Vogue spread was all about flawless hair and makeup, these pictures caught my eye with the amazing styling. The gorgeous colors, prints and textures evoke feelings of traditional Mexican garb, while the setting shows a more modern Mexico. The accessories, including tribal necklaces and festive footwear, complement the images perfectly. The brightness of the pictures makes me crave the heat of Spring and Summer even more.

Note: I'm not sure what was wrong with the rest of the images, I will re-upload them later this weekend!


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  2. Wow so pretty! I love the feel and look here!! :) thanks for sharing!!

  3. So pretty and feminine - I love it