Thursday, January 5, 2012

for the man who has everything

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and just as I finished up getting his Christmas gifts (I kind of nailed it this year, woot woot) I've started thinking about what to get him for his birthday. This... is not on the list.

Jonathan Adler has teamed up with Lacoste for some pretty fabulous collaborations. They've got polos, pillows, a tennis racquet cover... and semi-life-size Lacoste crocs.

I am partial to the gator. My Pre-K-12th grade school apparently didn't have a mascot for decades until the "gator" was adopted because all the girls wore Lacoste polos with their uniform kilts (I know crocs and gators aren't the same, but "croc" doesn't really sound right as an all-girls school mascot). By the time I was rocking the collared shirts, we'd moved on to the much less chic monogram of the school's name on the chest. So I love this symbol that's synonymous with over-the-top preppiness. But this gets a little out of control.

There are two ceramic versions available that come in gray and white and measure 18 inches long. I could get down with those. They'd look interesting and conversational on a coffee table or next to a sofa or side table. However, this beauty is almost two feet long and will only cost you $2,500. Don't worry, it's made out of pure brass. A 22-inch pure brass Lacoste crocodile box.

So while my lovely gentleman won't be lucky enough to get this present, I love the idea of giving that "man who has everything" the one item he definitely doesn't have yet. Hurry if you're thinking of giving this to your lucky guy! They only made 35!

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