Thursday, February 9, 2012

a caffeine and fashion fix

The girls over at A Piece of Toast have written a few posts about designer collaborations with standard household items, like San Pelligrino, so I feel like I'm channeling them in this post. Last year, Diet Coke teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld (who famously lost almost 100 lbs. on a Diet Coke-heavy diet) to create designer soda bottles. This year, Diane von Furstenberg paired with the company to release a collection of limited edition bottles. The designs incorporate DVF's signatures prints. I love the red zebra print one! Even better, all the proceeds go to Foundation for the National Institutes of Health in support of The Heart Truth program for women’s heart health research. Let's be honest, you're probably grabbing a bottle of this elixir of the gods at some point today, anyways.


  1. Thank you for the mention!!!! These bottles are FAB. Diane knows what she's doing :)

  2. I love designer collaborations with drinks!! let's be honest and say that they are pretty useless (as most of the time the bottle will end up in the rubbish) but it's such great marketing and I'm one of the people who falls for this !!

  3. Wow! Who knew DC could be so fashionable! I don't even drink soda and I want to buy these right away!