Tuesday, February 7, 2012

grammys 2012

The Grammys are coming up this weekend and, again, I'm so excited to see what everyone will wear! Typically, the Grammys are much less formal. The vibe tends to be more rock 'n' roll and less princessy glamour. My favorite looks are always the ones that are still chic and beautiful, though. I love when the stars take advantage of the wilder dress code and wear different colors, shorter hemlines and trendier looks.

This year, I'd love to see neons and bright colors and metallics. I also hope that the shorter dresses remain dressed-up and festive. I'm really not a fan of seeing clubwear, or tacky looks at the Grammys. I hope to see a lot of sheer, color and floaty fabrics, similar to what I loved at Couture Week.

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