Friday, February 17, 2012

to see her is to take a sudden chill

Let me start by saying, I loved Ralph Lauren's Fall 2012 collection. It was majorly androgynous and had a great 1920s vibe, combining the English look of the Downton Abbey era with F. Scott Fitzgerald's roaring twenties style. It was full of rich fabrics, sophisticated ways of mixing prints (OBSESSED with the leopard with old school plaids) and classic, dark earthy tones, punctuated with reds and fuchsia.

Now, I feel weird about saying this, but when I was looking at the gorgeous pictures, my first thought was that it seemed like a high fashion, real-life version of 101 Dalmatians! It's well established that Cruella de Vil is a major style icon, but I never realized how sharp Anita dressed, too! She was killing it with the tweed, those gorgeous hats and check out her hipster glasses and those booties! Roger wasn't too shabby either. He was the epitome of manly sophistication with his man scarf, vests and pipes, and his collection of hats rivals his wife's. Obviously, Cruella was the scene stealer. Her figure flattering black gown is right off of Ralph Lauren's runway, and the fur hat and purse are to die for. Not to mention, those red leather gloves were all the rage at J. Crew's show.

What do you think? Is 101 Dalmatians the trendiest movie of 2012 or what? Was Mr. Lauren inspired by the classic British look with both feminine and masculine details of Roger and Anita and the luxurious, fur-and-leather-loving Cruella?  Even the dogs are style icons! Animal prints are hot everywhere, not just Ralph Lauren. Though spots weren't featured on this particular runway, the dog-inspired print has been a must-have item for a while now.

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  1. I love the comparisons and could not agree with you more. I had never thought of it before, but Anita may just be the most stylish Disney heroine--and what fun it will be dressing like her this season.

  2. OH, I want alllllll of these (except that red velvet suit...ew). Tweed everywhere! If i could get away with dressing like I'm on Downton Abbey every day, i'd be so happy!

    xoxox Shay

  3. LOVE! Cruella de Vil, the style icon? definitely.

    Be Frassy

  4. Oh I loooove this collection! And coincidentally, I'm watching the fifth episode of Downtown Abbey riiight now!! Loving it!!!

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  6. Oh my god I did not see that connection but you're so right! I love that.