Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tickled pink

My apologies for the quality of that first picture, but I just had to document this love at first sight moment. It was an unassuming Saturday morning when I first spotted my handbag soul mate. The perfect, large, neon pink Céline luggage tote was hanging off the arm of a petite woman, who was rocking it in such a funny, but undeniable, suburban chic way, with Lululemon workout gear and full hair and makeup.

After I creepily asked the woman if I could take a picture of her purse (I feel kind of bad, she totally posed, but I was only interested in Céline) she told me the bag was just released and she had recently gotten it. However, after scouring stores and the Internet, I'm wondering what she knew that I don't. Either way, this may be the most heartache I've ever felt for a bag crush. Why, oh why, must it cost more than twice my rent!?

Images via Caitlin O'Brien and Fashion Bomb Daily

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  1. So amazing! If this bag were a man I would marry it lol