Thursday, February 16, 2012

jenna's j. crew

How great is it that J. Crew has become a staple of Fashion Week? Very cool to see the development of a brand. Not to mention, the chain store's styling is some of the best in the game! It doesn't hurt that the look seems to be emulating Jenna Lyons a little more each season.

J. Crew's newest collection showcased major mixing and matching: tweed on stripes on chambray on jacquard, fair isle on satin and python, chevron on animal print, tweed on polka dots on plaid, bright pink with tomato red, tonal pinks and greens. The rest of the styling is also spot on, from the gloves and clutches, to the layering of jackets and blouses. The shoes are in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik and are absolute perfection. They continued the textural richness with tweeds, sequins, suedes and metallics and all perfectly contrasted with their corresponding outfits.

I basically want the entire collection, but I do have some favorites. The pink, sequin a-line skirt needs to be in my closet now. Same with the fitted fur jacket and the cropped pants and chevron top that it was paired with. I'm dying for the teal, animal print jacquard pants and the hairy, striped skirt worn with the top with the thinner stripes. I love all the accessories, especially the python cross body bag but I'm absolutely dying for the animal print one worn with the tan toggle coat. I can't pick my favorite pair of shoes, so don't even ask!

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  1. Great looks! I like the pink coat! Hopefully you can stop by my blog sometime too!

  2. Really loving the coats featured in this wonderful collection.


  3. I love J. Crew! I wish I could make their stuff look as good as their stylists do...