Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the long and short of it

Sigh... Life is so unfair. All I want to do is wear a crop top with a pencil skirt, but I literally can't think of a single occasion where this would be appropriate. This look is the perfect juxtaposition of sophistication and irreverence, which is why I love it, and exactly why I have nowhere to wear it.

Runways, blogs and editorials are full of a variety of high-waisted skirts with different crop tops. However, my absolutely favorite is a pencil skirt with a bralette. I just think the proportions are perfect. It elongates, brings attention to a small waist, and, as long as you're not that busty, gives an athletic twist to a refined look. It has a 60's feel with a bohemian twist. It looks perfect with big, messy, Bardot hair.

So obviously, I can't rock this to work. I'm pretty sure it's not the best choice for a dinner with all the eating, and sitting, and probably slouching I'd do. Maybe for a night out? It just feels a little too glamorous or outrageous. Editorials have shown the look with light jackets and blazers, or maybe a cardigan thrown over top, à la Krystal would tame it a little bit?

P.S. I was just scanning my beloved Oscar PR Girl's Tumblr, and came across this picture. I'm perpetually channeling Cher Horowitz.


  1. Yes yes yes yes yes. This look is SO flawless to me on every level - sophisticated with a little bit of sass. I have been trying to channel it with my Autumn wardrobe and feel like I could do a littleeee better so this is great styling inspiration!

    Anna xo

  2. love these cut-outs! i'd never wear them (i wish i could though) but WOW!

    xoxo from nyc &