Thursday, December 15, 2011

pretty pre-fall pastels

 Pre-Fall collections are really interesting. Unlike Spring and Fall collections, which are shown in the opposite season of when they'll be out, pre-Fall debuts in the same climate that it will be worn. So while you're still needing thicker material and coats, you can actually see what the upcoming trends are, instead of interpreting other seasons' styles for what the current weather dictates.

Designers recently showed their pre-Fall 2012 lines and one of my favorites was Thakoon's. He reinterpreted the combination of color and nudes by replacing neon with pastel. There's also a good amount of pitch black and a dose of bright color in the form of a berry pink. The silhouettes are classic with a small twist and the textures are warm and cozy. There was a great collection of feminine jackets and a focus on knits. I love a good cableknit and putting it in collars, blazers, pockets and more takes it to the next level!

Just because it wasn't a major season, doesn't mean the details were spared for this show. I love the how the unlined matte lips pop against the rest of the neutral makeup. And how great are the selection of neutral colored shoes? All very ladylike and practical: loafers, ballet flats and stacked heels.

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