Wednesday, December 7, 2011

making me gleeful

For some reason, these Nylon pictures of Dianna Agron are really doing it for me. The shoot was based on Twiggy, but there is the perfect mix of retro and hip. Some people are saying she looks overly tanned but that, combined with the modern spin of Twiggy's eyes and hair, looks so pretty, stylish and fun.

Don't even get me started on the futuristic interpretation of 60's fashion. Besides the printed tights, which I'm not that crazy about, the styling in this shoot has me taking serious notes. The fun colors, bright whites and mod take on layering show the different, creative ways that trends from the past can be recycled. That silver mini skirt (it's from Gap!) and Diesel Black Gold top? Gorgeous!

Dianna has great style and is always a favorite of mine on the red carpet. People may have mixed opinions on this shoot, but I hope she does more editorials like this one.

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