Friday, December 2, 2011

winter formal: bow pumps

I love bows. In my hair, on my clothes, I'm never one to shy away from this girly embellishment. For a high school formal, a high pump with a bow is the perfect shoe to add to a festive dress.

As a petite lady, I don't believe I ever removed my shoes at a dance. Why would I? I love my shoes, and they're a part of my outfit... I just never got that whole thing. I guess it helps with the dancing, but the last thing I want when I'm dancing is to have my bare foot pierced by someone's stiletto! Therefore, the shoes should be comfortable. This doesn't mean a kitten heel. Please, never a kitten heel with a party dress. Ankle straps, platforms and high quality shoes can help with this.

Don't be afraid to let your shoes shine, either. Just because a dress has sparkle, or print, doesn't mean the shoes have to be dull. Just don't contrast with the dress (unless you're a master fashionista and want to do like, a polka dress with a leopard shoe or something, in which case... do it!).

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