Thursday, December 1, 2011

suri's burn book

I swear, I was just holding this for a friend.

Sure, I much prefer a Storybook Breakfast to the rides at Disneyland, but I would ride Splash Mountain with the Witherspoon family. Look at Ava’s face! She even makes pure terror look awesome.

And that hands-up grandma is having more fun than I’ve had at any family function ever.

If you aren't addicted to Suri's Burn Book yet, you will be now. It's follows and analyzes celebrity children from the perspective of Suri Cruise.

When I read it at work, I get awkward because I always laugh out loud and then feel weird explaining what was so funny. Um, it's a website, making fun of famous babies, written like it's by Tom Cruise's daughter... But really it isn't??

I love that "Suri" has consistent feelings about every celebrity kid. She approves of Cruz Beckham and Ava Witherspoon, hates and envies Beyonce's future baby and pities the Affleck girls. She also despises her parents.


  1. it´s so cool this blog!

  2. i love when she writes disdainful, condescending things about tom and katie.... so funny!

    she also hates the whole jolie-pitt crew, which is hilarious.