Tuesday, December 20, 2011

girl crush: ashley madekwe

My roommate, Marie, introduced me to Revenge a few months ago, and it's carved out a juicy little spot in my weekly television schedule (that kind of sounded gross). When she was selling me on the show, Marie told me that it was right up my alley with a beautiful setting, pretty camera work and great clothes. Hands down the best clothes on the show belong to Ashley Madekwe's character, also named Ashley.

She plays a British PR professional who's desperate to be in on the social scene, and her wardrobe matches perfectly. There are lots of polished mini dresses, cinched waists and tailored pieces.

What I found out about Ashley outside of the show solidified her as a girl crush. Her personal style rivals her character's style. In fact, she's so into fashion, she has her own style blog! Ring My Bell would be one of my favorite style blogs even if I didn't know who Ashley was. It's cool to see how the different influences play out in her wardrobe. There's some typical Hollywood stuff, some British flair, and some things she must have picked up from the show, which is all about wealthy Hamptons socialites. She wears preppy, menswear inspired outfits one day and L.A.-girl cutoffs and lace tops the next. In one post she reveals that she does her own hair and makeup for her events, which is cool because she looks just as great as the girls who have a team to make them up.


  1. she is lovely!


  2. I watched her on the show Secret Diaries of a Call Girl on Showtime and I love Revenge. I just discovered that she had a blog last week and I am totally in love with her style!