Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the o.c. part two

I've never watched Hart of Dixie but after seeing how amazing Rachel Bilson dresses on the show, I may have to start. In fact, I just may have to try and get cast on the series simply for the wardrobe. I've always been a huge fan of Miss Bilson's style. I love looking to her incredible fashion sense for inspiration, and she's petite like me, so she's a great celebrity for me to closet stalk.

This CW show was basically created because producers wanted a vehicle for Rachel, so it's no surprise that the wardrobe is as ridiculously cool as the actress'. I love the masculine feminine mix, the shorts, cool prints and shoes.

Jaime King is also on the show. She plays a southern belle and wears beautiful, preppy, timeless pieces. I may have to dedicate a post to her character's fashion.

The show takes place in the South, so the clothes aren't exactly friendly for the cold temperatures we're having here on the east coast. However, I think some of the outfits could be made cold weather-friendly. I think the black and white striped Equipment blouse with leather shorts would look fabulous with thick black tights. And obviously her cute mini dresses can be easily adapted with knee high boots and leather jackets. I can't wait to see where the style on this show goes in the future.


  1. i havent started watching but this makes me want to! love her style always

  2. she has the best style, right?! i started watching hart of dixie because of her but the story is actually pretty good. don't get me wrong, it won't get any awards, but its lighthearted and always puts me in a good mood. her amazing wardrobe doesn't help. ;)

    i've been following you on tumblr and i'm loving your new blog. <3