Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what the heck to do with the neck?

I'm thinking about wearing a strapless look on New Year's Eve and, while that may seem like a simple decision, I'm now faced with an age-old question related to the open-neck look: necklace or no necklace?

I love jewelry, particularly cool necklaces. What better way to showcase some pretty neckware than over bare skin, right? But isn't the whole point of going strapless to show off the clavicle, neck and chest? The whole appeal of the look is that it looks sexy in an unexpected, kind of non-sexual way. Especially for flat-chested girls like me.

There are tons of examples on the different variations of the necklace-strapless relationship. I'm being drawn to the bare look, despite my fondness for necklaces. Could throwing on a simple chain and pendant like Vanessa Hudgens be a compromise? What about delicate, showy piece, like Kate Middleton or Bar Refaeli? Or is it better to go with the tried and true statement necklace? Nina Dobrev's choker looks kind of amazing and modern.

All these questions, and this isn't even the end of it! Once the necklace dilemma is solved, then I'll have to find the right earrings, and decide if the hair should be up or down. So many choices! What's a girl to do?


  1. I would definitely wear my hair up and pair it with one statement piece... either earrings or a necklace. Its so hard to choose b/w the two, though ;)

    I am having Michelle Chang jewelry giveaway on my blog!

  2. Great post! What I love about the bare neck look is that it is completely unexpected and the attention is solely on your décolletage--perfect for NYE. Love your blog, btw!

  3. I will forever be in love with Eva Mendes's turquoise necklace. It's so so beautiful.