Friday, December 16, 2011

five finger discount

I love the ombré nail trend. It's fun but not to over the top and it looks polished. My problem is: I feel kind of aggressive asking my manicurist to use five different colors when I'm getting a manicure. The price doesn't change, but her facial expression certainly does. I've never tried to give myself this tonal treatment because I don't do my own nails often enough to justify buying five polishes in the same color family.

That's where The New Black comes in. Five graduated colors, made specifically for ombré manicures, come in one set. The sets come in red, black, pink and blue. Each one has five 3 oz. bottles starting in a pale shade and ending with a deep hue. Even if ombré isn't your thing, you can mix and match the colors by layering or creating designs.

Wouldn't these make pretty awesome stocking stuffers?

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