Friday, December 23, 2011

wish i was wearing: christmas eve eve

It's Christmas Eve Eve! This outfit represents the other side of holiday dressing. The focus is usually put on sparkly party dresses and fancy brunch outfits but there's another side to style of the Christmas season. With all that family time, you want to be comfortable but not look like a schlub. On a day like today, you're winding down and settling into relaxation mode. There's nothing worse than seeing pictures from past holidays where you're eating breakfast in your oversized sweats, or taking a spontaneous trip to see the Christmas lights wearing your Ugg slippers and spandex.

This outfit has it all: plaid, suede, tweed, velvet, waxed denim, sparkle, leopard print, cableknit. It's texturally rich and full of mismatched, but complementing patterns. To keep it all tied in, the colors are mostly navy blue and neutrals (leopard is a neutral to me... I have a problem). The exception is the small pop of pink in the gloves. With a classic silhouette and familiar pieces, it won't elicit any comments from your older relatives, but the unexpected way everything works together makes it modern and stylish

J. Crew Boy Shirt
Aubin and Wills Midgrove Satin-Trimmed Velvet Blazer
Juicy Couture Cotton Twill Trench Coat
Rag and Bone Waxed Denim Leggings
Charles Philip Sophie Wool Tassel Loafers
J. Crew Edie Purse
Tasha Crystal Honeycomb Hinged Bracelet
Asos Suede Gloves
All Saints Origin Beanie


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  2. The loafers!! With those pompoms going on! #newmusthave