Monday, October 10, 2011

give it to me straight

My hair is a work in progress. I have almost waist-length, copper-ish/strawberry blonde-ish red, wavy hair.

Ever since I got in touch with my vanity (around 13 years old), I've straightened my hair the majority of the time. Towards the end of high school I discovered scrunching in order to get beachy waves. I reverted back to my beloved CHI after a while, though, and spent most of college with straight hair.

Now that I've been a working woman for a year or so, I'm onto a new stage of life, hair-wise. My go-to look these days is big loose waves. I get mine with curlers (yeah, just like your mom) because my hair to patience ratio is way too high.

I've got to be honest with you, though. I think my transition to wannabe-red-carpet hair was a little more about convenience than appearance. See, my boyfriend comes over right after work every day, including Friday, around 6 p.m. I'm definitely not going to be ready for a night out at 6 p.m. so at some point, he has to wait for me to get ready. I just can't bear to see him sitting around bored, on, downing beers, while I prep, blowdry and style my hair. It's easier to rough dry it, wrap in some curlers and pay him some attention until I can unroll my hair. I just brush it out and I'm good to go.

It really does look pretty and since it's so long and red, it gets attention. For some reason, I just feel so much more me with lots of side bangs and long straight layers. I don't know if I'm just craving a change-up or if I came to the realization that I might be compromising my prettiness but I'm feeling a pull back to the straight side.

What I'm saying is, I think it's time to schedule a date with my flat iron. Sorry, Woody (yes, my boyfriend's name is Woody).

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