Monday, October 17, 2011

pretty in pink


Last year, or whenever the matte red lip trend came around, I was dying to try it. I had my reservations--would a red lip complement a redhead with a ruddy complexion? I threw caution to the wind and puckered up with a red pout.

Boy, was that a mistake. Red lips are not for me.

I admitted defeat and felt like a prisoner to my sheer glosses (okay, that's a little severe, I actually love a super shiny gloss). When Spring came around, and every ad campaign featured an almost bare-faced model with a neon pink lipstick, I couldn't help but feel dejected. The matte red lip had failed me so drastically, surely its warm-weather counterpart would too.

Mid-summer, I recovered from the red lipstick trauma and bought Revlon Moon Drops in Crystal Cut Coral, not wanting to spend too much money in case it didn't work. But... it did!

The pink is flattering on my paler skin, but looks even better with a tan and bronzer. I always focus my makeup around the eyes and love that now I can do the bright-lip-natural-eye look. But, the color is pretty toned down so I can even wear it with my usual liner, mascara and shadow.

Whenever I rock my bright pink lip, I get compliments. My mom says it makes it look like I have makeup on even when I don't. So basically, this is a huge winner in my book.

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  1. I tried the whole pale pink thing last summer lol I'm still trying to get the hang of it! Because I have the lady gaga viva glam lipstick it was too light plus i have tanned skin soo.. lol