Thursday, October 20, 2011

time warp

My dear roommate Marie (also a redhead... or my deux doux rousse) brought these La Mer watches to my attention. She never got a menswear inspired watch and is contemplating making one of these her staple timepiece. I'll never abandon my trusty Michael Kors Gold Bracelet Watch, but I may add this to my wrist repertoire.

I was going to write about the Odyssey Wraps that my roomie is lusting over, but after going to the website, I discovered all the cool, different wrap watches La Mer has. My favorites are the Chain/Charm Wraps. The brown leather with the gold and copper chains looks so classic but casual and different.

The Simple Wraps are anything but. They come in colored snakeskin, glitter, neon and patent leather. The electric yellow and pink leather looks so fresh and modern.

I have a penchant for studded and biker-inspired jewelry, so obviously, I'm obsessed with the Layer and Stud Wraps.

The company also has traditional pieces, but I'm loving their take on watches as interesting jewelry. There's an option to customize a watch, but I love the ones they've already made. The only thing keeping me from putting one of these super stylish watches on my wrist is deciding which one I want.

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