Friday, October 7, 2011

sugar high

(disclaimer: these cupcakes do look delicious)

I hate to be a buzkill, but I've got a bone to pick... with cupcakes. I know they're hotter than Sam Edelman smoking flats, but enough is enough!

Sure, cupcakes are super cute. They're like cakes but mini. Except, they're not! Cupcakes do not taste delicious. I'm sorry, they just do not. You know what tastes like cake? Cake! Cupcakes are little dry mounds that undoubtedly give you a sugar rush, followed by a horrible sugar crash.

People say cupcakes are on their way out, but I see no sign of it, with new restaurants popping up everywhere. Besides that, I'm not even too crazy about cupcakes' replacements.

Whoopie pies are just like cupcakes except they're not as cute and they taste even worse! Don't even get me started on macarons. Sure they're cute, but I'd rather wear a macaron necklace than eat one.

You know what I can get behind? Cake pops. They are so delicious! My foray into making them was yummy, but kind of crazy (think: new puppy eating two bars of chocolate). If you want in on this trend, the Starbucks Petites birthday cake pop is as scrumptious as it is darling.

Why can't donuts be in vogue?

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