Wednesday, October 19, 2011

girl crush: pattie boyd



I've been infatuated with rock and roll muse Pattie Boyd recently. I read her book, Wonderful Tonight over the summer and watched Martin Scorsese's documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World this weekend. She's known for inspiring the best rock love songs ever during her love affairs with George Harrison and Eric Clapton (helloooo "Something," "Wonderful Tonight," "Layla," etc., etc., etc.) and how could she not inspire with her impeccable style.

I'm completely taken with her Harrison-era style from the 60s to mid-70s. She was definitely trendy and some of her looks went totally over the top. In her younger years she was the epitome of British mod. When she and George experimented with drugs and Indian culture, her psychedelic look reflected that. Later on, she was a full-on hippie.

However, there were some basic guidelines she stuck to throughout the years.

First of all, she rocked dresses like nobody else. Whether they were color blocked, velvet or covered in funky prints, she was loyal to her mini dresses. She often paired them with fun leg and footwear, like tights, knee-high socks and strappy shoes.

While she kept her accessories to a minimum, she never shied away from a great headpiece. She topped off her signature bangs with a myriad of hats, headbands and bows. She could wear the most exaggerated toppers without looking cartoonish.

Finally, she understood the importance of nice outerwear. Her coats were never an afterthought. They always had great shapes and colors. I mean, how amazing is that fur coat that she wore at her wedding? It's by far the best part of the ensemble.

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