Wednesday, October 26, 2011

get to the point

As someone on the short side, I can use all the height I can get. So when I started seeing pumps with shoebox platforms on every single red carpet, I ran out and got myself a pair. They give me those much needed extra inches, and they're certainly sexy, but I think I'm on my way to being over the Kim-Kardashian-shoe look.

My most significant issue with this popular trend is that it's simply over saturated. I mean, it's everywhere. I love me some Kathie Lee Gifford, but once my favorite boozed-up morning broadcaster starts wearing a once-trendy look, I start to question it.

Another problem is that you can't wear them with long pants without seeing the platform. I'm all about this bell bottom revival, and I need my hems to skim the floor to give me the illusion of long legs.

I have big plans to replace my clunky platform heels with pointy toe pumps. I just think the elongated sole and flat shoebox is so much more elegant and classic.

In addition to being vertically challenged, I've also been cursed with tiny feet. I know many girls like the look of dainty feet and loathe their sailboat shoes, but mine are a little ridiculous. My friend Claire once dubbed me "Baby Shoes." My boyfriend says I have hooves. I wear a 5.5. Basically, the smallest adult size.

I've convinced myself that my small feet make my legs look stubbier. One of the best parts about these pointy toe shoes is that they make your feet look a little bigger and streamline your leg. When I'm wearing my beloved bell bottoms they poke out just a hint to ensure I actually have feet and not tiny deer-like stubs.

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