Wednesday, October 12, 2011

miss daisy

I'm in love with Katie Daisy. I stumbled across her Etsy store and immediately fell head over heels for her whimsical prints and illustrations.

The 24-year old describes herself as "a wandering artist whose home is a prairie breeze." So adorable. Her pieces include greeting cards, posters and prints with cute messages like "All Who Wander Are Not Lost," and floral doodles and painted designs.

It was hard to choose between all the great options with their fun colors and playful designs, but I eventually ordered the "Life is Beautiful" print and the "LOVE" greeting card, which I put in a gold 5x7 frame on my nightstand. The card works perfectly as a small print. She now sells stationery, and I may have to snag a box of those, too.

Check out her online store. I bet you won't be able to resist her darling pieces.

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  1. wow what beautiful lovely illustrations :)