Friday, October 7, 2011

from the bottom up

I'm on a search for the perfect motorcycle boots. They are so rare I can't even find a picture of anyone wearing a pair I would love.

My endless quest began when my one of my little sisters went to college and took my Steve Madden "Linderr" boots (above) with her. I wore these puppies all the time. They were perfect with skinny jeans, especially to balance out a preppy or girly top. I know, I know, if I loved them so much I should just buy another pair. That's what I'm thinking too. I just want to make sure they're perfect.

I already have a pair like the the one in the top picture so I'm looking for knee-high ones. I also don't want any straps or buttons or clasps. I feel like that looks like a riding boot, which I already have. Plus, I like moto boots to be black and riding boots to be brown. These were perfect because the zipper gave it some hardware without making it look like it was a riding boot. Lace-up knee-highs also don't fit the bill. That's a little Avril Lavigne for me.

My qualm about the "Linderr" is the little wrinkle on foot. I'll probably overlook it, especially since I just found a pair online in my size for only $90!

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