Wednesday, November 30, 2011

girl crush: melanie laurent

You know how they talk about the "bohemian revolution" in Moulin Rouge? Melanie Laurent reminds me of the modern version of a woman who would live in that world.

The Parisian actress is the daughter of artists, granddaughter of film poster editors (how romantic does that job sound?) and a regular ol' Renaissance woman. She acts, directs, writes and sings.

I wish I'd seen Inglorious Basterds and discovered her loveliness earlier. However, her role in The Beginners, with Ewan McGregor, absolutely stole my heart. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend was concerned about how much I was obsessing over her. She has such a sweet, goofy demeanor and seemed like a really good actress. Not to mention she has the most unique, beautiful face, and the best hipster hair. I love the picture of her breaking it down on the red carpet at Cannes next to Diane Kruger, who's sort of this stone-like pillar of elegance. P.S. Is it embarrassing that I dance exactly like that?

When I read that she was spotted out with Mr. Sexiest-Man-Alive Bradley Cooper, I wasn't surprised. But can't you almost imagine her as being just his super-chill, artistic, lady acquaintance who doesn't know anything about pop culture?

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  1. she's beautiful! love that last photo.