Thursday, November 10, 2011

good vibrations

Okay, just go with me on this one. I swear I'm like an eyelash expert. I'm lucky enough to have super long lashes, but they're literally clear. The real answer to living with light lashes is to dye them. It's inexpensive and very quick. Unfortunately, I'm just that lazy and can't even get myself to go every six weeks. That's where Estee Lauder's TurboLash All Effects Motion mascara comes in.

When you twist the cap off, the mascara starts humming and vibrating. It gets you weird looks when you reapply in public bathrooms, but it's one of the best ways to quickly and easily play up your eyes. The vibrating ensures the mascara fully coats every lash from root to tip. It's the perfect consistency and comes in a great jet black. My lashes have never looked better simply from mascara.

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