Saturday, November 19, 2011

petite pumpkins

So, apparently I've got a thing for sparkly pumpkins. That's sort of weird, but this idea certainly isn't.

I fell in love when I saw these silver pumpkin place cards on Everyday Occasions. My dear mama has upwards of 25 guests at our house each Thanksgiving. Every year, she struggles with how to make the place cards. Recruiting my little sisters works, but the construction paper turkeys stick out like a sore thumb against her beautiful dishes and tablescape.

These little pumpkins are the perfect idea. They're cheap, insanely simple, and absolutely adorable. You just buy mini pumpkins, wrap painter's tape around the stems and spray paint. Then you make simple name cards, remove the painter's tape from the stem, make a small cut and slide the name cards in. Very easy, very fun and very pretty.

1 comment:

  1. loved them. so cute.
    have a Cupcake sweet Thanksgiving;)