Wednesday, November 23, 2011

semi-formal thanksgiving

For me, Thanksgiving isn't a time for messing around. All that delicious food? And those drinks? I don't need something silly like clothes getting in the way of my feasting. At my house, it's not formal, but dressing up is encouraged. Especially since my parents host everyone, I have to adhere to stricter guidelines (read: I'm more prone to disapproving glances).

There are tons of jeans-based outfits that would be appropriate, but tight waistbands and fitted shapes are not what I'm looking for. A-line dresses, slouchy sweaters and boyfriend trousers are right up my alley. And, since I'll be in the kitchen "helping" (or sampling... whatever), and will inevitably gain five lbs. at the table, dark colors work better. It's easy to punch up with vibrant accessories.

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