Friday, November 18, 2011

happily ever after

There have been silly references to the "American royal wedding," but that phrase can really only apply to the beautiful nuptials of Lauren Bush and David Lauren. Both come from families that are practically American institutions and their wedding really conveyed the spirit and romance of old America.

The niece of George W., and granddaughter of George W.H. Bush, wore a timeless dress made by her groom's father, Ralph Lauren. There isn't a hint of trendiness in the Victorian-inspired gown, except a gorgeous cutout back, that Lauren wore at their wedding, which took place outdoors at David's family ranch in Colorado.

Hearing about their wedding, which is featured in Vogue, makes me want to cry. First of all, because it sounds so beautiful, elegant and romantic. Secondly, because the level of class that went into the whole event is so high, it makes me feel like every other wedding, including my own, may as well include a huge crystal-encrusted crucifix and bridesmaids in wedding dresses, a la the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Humphries. There was no pomp and circumstance, no tacky description of the size of the ring, or length of the train. They didn't even take a wedding photo. As if it would ruin the authenticity of the moment, they took an "official wedding portrait" a month after the ceremony!

My obsession with their romance grew when the author says the two refrain from "teasing each other" like many couples do and are polite and respectful to everyone, including their spouses. Not to mention, his proposal included creating a private exhibition of pictures of their seven-year courtship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I love hearing about this wedding and think it serves as a reminder of the beauty and romance weddings should be about. Something tells me Lauren didn't have three costume changes... And the marriage might last more than two months.

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