Monday, November 14, 2011

singing in the rain

These wellies from Evedon have me wishing for a rainy day. I'm always thinking of ways to perk up my rainy day wardrobe, whether it be with fun raincoats, printed umbrellas or a pair of duck boots. These are so girly with a hint of prep and would make stomping through puddles much less depressing.

I love the different color combinations. The red is classic, the purple is fun and different and the navy pair combines two trends I've had my eye on recently: marigold and bows.

These boots could actually make a great DIY. My current rainboots are leopard print. Imagine how cute they would be with a big, black bow. Or even a neon one! I have a feeling I could make a great pair with some Target rainboots, a leather hole punch and a thick yard of ribbon. Come to think of it, that could be a great, personalized gift. Stay tuned...

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