Monday, November 7, 2011

winter formal: part one

My baby sister is a junior in high school and has her winter formal in December. I love getting her, and my other sister when she was in high school, ready for their dances. It's quite the process, starting weeks before the event and involving lots of forwading e-mails, weekend shopping and closet raiding.

It's helpful to start from the beginning with some obvious dress choices. The formal comes right in the middle of the holiday season, so sparkle and shine is an easy jumping-off point. I try to avoid putting them in anything overly trendy, or something someone else might be wearing, since their age group is weirdly obsessed with pictures, Facebook, etc. and I don't want them to cringe when they look back at the photos.

I prefer a shorter dress and like experimenting with sleeves, necklines, backs and skirt silhouettes. A lot of the girls their age end up in straight tube tops with bell or bandage skirts, so I think it's fun to mix things up for them.

Check back soon to see different options for high school formal dresses.

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