Wednesday, November 23, 2011

he drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but for many, tonight is the big night. These cocktails may be a little heavy for a November night of drinking, but how delicious do they look?

The Jack Daniels slushie, featured on Sweet Peach Blog, is from Victory Sandwich Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. The vodka rootbeer float, on Creative Culinary, comes from Laau's Taco Shop in Boulder, Colorado. Liquor-inspired road trip, anyone? I can see it now: The Booze Crusade.

I'm salivating over these cold concoctions. Out of all the frozen Thanksgiving drinks out there, this pumpkin pie milkshake may be my favorite and I think I may have to spike it. What liquor do you think would go best with it? Whipped cream vodka? A splash of bourbon? Mmmm.


  1. They look extremely delicious!

  2. looks amazing! I want to make myself one now.

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom