Saturday, November 12, 2011

oprah's favorite things

As promised, I've got the update on Oprah's favorite things. This year, she obviously chose some glamorous as comforting items to give as gifts to loved ones and yourself. She also enlisted her team of personalities and friends to choose some of their favorite things.

Besides the amazing duffel bag, Oprah mentioned this amazing cashmere robe by Marigot. I love the keylime color to brighten up a cozy day spent inside. I also can't promise that I wouldn't sneak out of the house with it still on. The Carriere Freres botanical candles look like the come in amazing scents that are unique and won't overpower.

Besides Oprah's picks, Gayle's were by far my favorite. Of course they were; I love Gayle. She picked a  delicious and adorable 7-layer caramel cake with polka dot butter cream frosting from Caroline's Cakes. On the other end of the spectrum, the awesome Asics sneakers would (almost) make me excited to run that cake off. And of course, afterward, I'd have to luxuriate with these sweet cupcake bath bombs made with essential oils and Dead Sea salt. It's like the perfect day, brought to you by Gayle.

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