Thursday, November 17, 2011

winter formal: short sleeves

One of the main pieces of advice I give my sisters when helping them shop for events is to avoid the obvious, think about what other people would wear, and choose something different. It's not meant to be rebellious, I just feel like if you're going to put time and effort into shopping and getting ready, it's better to look unique and be a trendsetter than to blend in with all the other beautiful girls. Last week, I talked about color and material and showed a variety of metallic and sparkly dresses. Today, I'm focusing on sleeves as part of a silhouette.

These dresses all have short or cap sleeves and still look young and fun. A short sleeve is a cute option because it's kind of tongue in cheek. Most high schoolers' fashion sense is based around being hot. They're all "Ooh look! I have a grownup body now but haven't gone to college and drank 5 lbs. onto my thighs." It's all about pushing up the boobs and covering the legal minimum of leg. I hate it because telling a highschooler to wear actual sleeves to a formal is like telling them to put on a turtleneck. On the other hand, it gives the stylish highschooler an opportunity to stand out. It's always the fashion-forward dresses, not the slutty ones, that get the attention and compliments. I swear, nobody will even notice the extra two inches of covered skin.

P.S. Like all Doux Rousse posts, the photos are all linked to their original source. In many cases, that is the retail site where they can be purchased.

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